Painting: Wreck of H.M.S. ORPHEUS On Manukau Bar New Zealand Feb'y 1863.; Rich...


New Zealand Maritime Museum


Painting: Wreck of H.M.S. ORPHEUS On Manukau Bar New Zealand Feb'y 1863.

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oil on canvas painted by English marine artist Admiral Richard Brydges Beechey, this painting depicts New Zealand's greatest sea tragedy which occurred on Feb. 7, 1863. Of the ships' complement of 259 officers and men, 189 lives were lost.
Commissioned by Thomas Stilwell a few months after the wreck occurred. The picture was painted from information from Mr Beer (the ships' carpenter), who supervised the painting process.


Richard Beechey

Medium and Materials

Oil on canvas/Art Media, 0 - Whole

Place Made



Height (mm): 770mm (2 1/2ft)
Width: 1110mm (3 5/8ft)

Subject and Association Keywords


Subject and Association Keywords

Manukau Harbour/Auckland Region/New Zealand


P A Edmiston Trust

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On loan from Edmiston Trust

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All rights reserved

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