Artwork By World Renown artist John Hutton ; John Hutton


Whanganui Collegiate School Museum


Artwork By World Renown artist John Hutton

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Trumpeting Angel - A sketch by John Hutton
Hutton was a great artist who specialised in Glass Etching
He would draw image, photograph it and then the image would be projected onto the glass for etching.
He was commissioned to do may famous memorials and windows including
The 90 glass panels at Coventry Cathedral (all 2.4 metres high) Other works include; Dunkirk War memorial, Guildford Cathedral,
National Library and Archives building Ottowa, Thanksgiving Chapel Dallas Texas, Plymouth Civic Centre, Shakespear Centre at Stratford-upon-Avon,
Runnymede Air Force Memorial, New Zealand House London.


John Hutton

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