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Poster for ‘Rewi’s Last Stand’ (1940)

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Poster for feature film ‘Rewi’s Last Stand’, directed by Rudall Hayward. This poster is for the sound version of the film released in 1940. Hayward had released a silent version in 1925. The poster was designed by Ramai Te Miha (later Ramai Hayward), who also starred as the film’s heroine, Ariana.
The film told the story of the battle of Orakau, in which Rewi Maniapoto and 300 supporters resisted the advance of over 2000 Imperial troops during a three day siege. Around this Hayward wove a fictional love story between a settler, Robert Beaumont, and Ariana, a young Maori woman. The illustration in the poster depicts a scene where the character Ben Horton uses a taiaha to fight a Maori warrior who wants to return Ariana to the Pa.
Ramai Te Miha (birth name Patricia Rongomaitara Te Miha, also known as Patricia Miller) was a professional photographer and amateur artist based in Auckland when she became involved in ‘Rewi’s Last Stand’. In 1943 she and Rudall Hayward were married. In 1946 she closed her photography business and the couple embarked on a film making partnership, Hayward Film Productions, working in the UK, New Zealand and China. After Rudall’s death in 1974 she became a committed advocate of issues relating to Maori welfare.


Hayward, Ramai New Zealand

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New Zealand

Medium and Materials

Ink on paper


101 x 75cm (HW)


Hayward Historical Film Trust Collection

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Hayward Historical Film Trust Collection

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All rights reserved

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