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The Colonial Cottage

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This cottage was built in Greytown c.1867. Clad with pit sawn timber from trees at the edge of the town, this is a typical cottage of the period with a central hall, front parlor, kitchen, 2 downstairs and 2 upstairs bedrooms. The cottage originally had a lean-to scullery.
At one time a family of 10 lived in the cottage.
The cottage is furnished with colonial furniture and household items typical of the period of the early settlers.

Place Made

Greytown, NZ

Place Notes

Greytown is New Zealand's first planned inland town, from 1854

Medium and Materials

Timber framing, clad in pit-sawn weatherboards with a steep pitched corrugated iron roof and a verandah across the front of the building.

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NZHPT 4001

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