Photograph: B. Snowball caught by J. Christ ; Melbourne Herald Sun; c.1949; 2017...


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Photograph: B. Snowball caught by J. Christ

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This is a photograph of B. Snowball caught by J. Christ, at mid-off, for a 'duck' in the second innings at a test in Melbourne. C. Robinson is at the other end and Betty Wilson was the bowler.
Slips: J. Schmidt
W.K: L. Lanten
Mid-on: N. Whiteman

This match is between England and Australia during the 1949 England women's tour of Australia and New Zealand.


Melbourne Herald Sun

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B. Snowball, caught J. Christ, at short mid-off for a 'duck' in the 2nd.
Test at Melbourne. C. Robinson other end. Betty Wilson was the bowler. A superb catch! Note the direction she has finished up.
Slips: J. Schmidt
W.K: L. Larten
Mid-on: N. Whiteman

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Herald Sun
Feature Service
Melbourne Australia


155mm (W) x 115mm (H)


Ina Lamason Collection, NZ Cricket Museum

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