Taiaha; Unknown; 098-2004-051-0001


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A commissioned for presentation item - wooden (rata wood). The top has a carved spear shaped head with paua shell eyes. There are fibre strands – dyed red at the top, bound to top of taiaha. It gradually widens into a double edged striking blade. The surface has been polished.
There is an inscription on the blade “This Taiaha has been donated to the Waimate Savage Club from the Lundon family. In memory of Ex Great Chief Jim Lundon. A member of the Waimate Savage Club from 1938 to 1983.
Has a cardboard label with information about the taiaha design.

Date Made


Place Made

New Zealand

Medium and Materials

Rata wood, Paua shell, Carving


Length: 1560mm
Width: 60mm

Subject and Association Keywords


Subject and Association Keywords


Subject and Association Keywords

Savage Club

Subject and Association Keywords

Lundon, Jim


Maori: Taonga Collection

Credit Line

Presented by Waimate Savage Club

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Attribution - Non-commercial - Share Alike (cc) Attribution - Non-commercial - Share Alike (cc)

Lucielle Nahona 16 Feb 2012 05:59 AM,UTC

To whom it may concern Hi my name is Lucielle i live in oz while at a trash & treasure markets my partner came across this Taiaha resembling your one & it has 2 matching but smaller size Taiahas that went with it. As being kiwi we collect any Maori Taongas or anything from NZ & at home these taongas would be very pricey but we got them at a bargain of $40 dollars but will neverpart with them would like 2 know more holla would like 2 hear from u thanks the proud owners of Maori relics.

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