The Positions Looking North Over Shrapnel Gully; Moore Jones, Horace; 1915; 2002...


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The Positions Looking North Over Shrapnel Gully

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"The Positions Looking North Over Shrapnel Gully"

At the outbreak of war in 1914, Horace Moore-Jones was living in Britain.
He was 42 years old, but gave his age as 32 so he could enlist in the New
Zealand Expeditionary Force (NZEF). Moore-Jones was sent to Gallipoli to
make drawings of the area because there were no useful maps. Towards
the end of 1915 his drawing hand was injured, but while recovering in
England he somehow managed to produce nearly 80 watercolours of

While Moore-Jones’ paintings provide a topographically correct impression
of the Gallipoli landscape, they present a peculiarly sterilized version of
the campaign. There are only a few small indications that these sundrenched
vistas were actually vicious battlefields. Instead, Moore-Jones
has deliberately focused his compositions on the imposing and
inhospitable physicality of the terrain, which proved such a menacing
obstacle for the Anzacs. The figures of the soldiers are completely
dwarfed by these sharp cliffs and deep valleys, and the Ottoman soldiers
– particularly their lethal snipers – are totally hidden from view, as they
were in reality. (Reference - ‘Moore-Jones’ Gallipoli landscapes’, URL:
photo/moore-jones-painting-of-gallipoli, (Ministry for Culture and Heritage))

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Moore Jones, Horace

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Moore Jones, Horace

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