Music Book, 'Thirty Melodies'; Berthold Tours (b.1838, d.1887), Novello & Co. (e...




Music Book, 'Thirty Melodies'

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This music book belonged to Ruth and Florence (also known as Florrie) Buckland, who were the daughters of Alfred Buckland, one of Auckland largest landowners and most successful businessmen. As there are few surviving letters, diaries or other documents about the Buckland family, little is known about the lives of the Buckland women and children. However, it is known that Florrie attended Remuera Public School, and Ruth went to Mrs Young’s School for Girls on Symonds Street in Lower Glenside. It seems that Ruth was an excellent student as she was awarded a number of prizes in subjects such as mathematics, classics, French, and ‘routine work’. As part of their schooling, it is likely the Ruth and Florrie were taught how to play the piano and would have used this music book during their lessons. There was always a piano in the ballroom at Highwic, the Buckland family home, which the female family members played to entertain the family as well as guests. (1)

(1) New Zealand Historic Places Trust, 'Highwic', 2009, p. 18

For more information about the Buckland family and Highwic, which is cared for by Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga, visit our website.


Berthold Tours (b.1838, d.1887)

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Novello & Co. (estab. 1811)

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Not dated

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London, England

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28.2 x 22.3 x 0.6cm

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Collection of Highwic, Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga

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Sheet Music

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All rights reserved

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Highwic   Highwic


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