Photograph [Ophir School?]; 1915; XOPO.7


Ophir Post Office


Photograph [Ophir School?]

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Photograph; a black and white, landscape-oriented photograph mounted onto a dark card backing. The photograph depicts a group of school children, male and female, with a female teacher at one end and a male teacher at the other. They are seated and standing in front of a stone building with two large windows. The names of the children are written on the reverse, as is the date 1915. The location is possibly Ophir School, Central Otago. The subjects have been identified as:
First and second rows, left to right: Cyril Weir, Verah Byte, Gerlie Drake, Maggie Anderton, Jean McKnight, Gladys White, Cunningham, Wooliiams (?), Tilly White (Mrs Wilson), Eileen Gallagher, Nellie Kerney, Rita Cunningham, Anne Gallagher, Maggie McRay.

Third row: Jim Kelnan, Connie Gallagher, Alex Corrigal, Jack Booth, Jim Anderson, Jimmy Hagen, Ernie Clarke-Cunningham, Stan Drake.

Fourth row: Jack White, Fred Kearney, Eileen Hag[?], Weir, Rachel Sinnamon, Phyllis Pitches, Mary Hagan, Arnie Bradley, Ina Clark, Kate Kearney, Jim Bradley.

Fifth row: Harry Gallagher, Ernie Palston, Jimmy Gallagher, Tommy Gallagher, Ray Clark, Desmond Weir, Vivian Sinnamon.

For more information about Ophir Post Office, which is cared for by the New Zealand Historic Places Trust Pouhere Taonga, visit our website.

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20.5 x 25.6cm

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Collection of Ophir Post Office, New Zealand Historic Places Trust Pouhere Taonga

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