Polish P.O.W. paperweight ; Unknown; c 1939 to 1945; 240


Te Manawa


Polish P.O.W. paperweight

About this object

Paperweight, depictiing a polish eagle on top of a large facet out glittered ball. The base is a five sided ball covered with gold glitter. On top of this is an eagle with outspread wings and crown on its head. It is made of individual tin feathers soldered to a tin backing. The feathers are painted white, the beck and the legs are painted red.



Date Made

c 1939 to 1945

Place Made


Place Notes

Made in a prisinor of war camp during Worl War II

Medium and Materials

Tin, brass, glitter, paint.


280 mm high

Subject and Association Description

"This paper weight is part of a collection of items which was sent by Polish soldiers who had become prisinors of War, to the Polish Army League in Palmerston North. This group formed between 1941 and 1947, to send parcels and letters to Polish soldiers, who unlike our own POW’s, no longer had a homeland. Soldiers sent this collection in gratitude for their work, and for the New Zealand government taking in Polish children refugees and looking after them in the Polish Childrens Camp in Pahiatua. The collection later passed to the city of Palmerston North.

Object Type

Paperweight/Written Communication T&E/Tools & Equipment for Communication/Nomenclature

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All rights reserved

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Te Manawa   Te Manawa


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