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Japanese ceremonial uniform

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Japanese ceremonial uniform, from c. 1897. It includes a coat, trousers, waistcoat, hat and sword belt. The coat, trousers and waistcoat are made from a heavy black wool fabric. The coat is cut in an unusual tail coat style, without a collar, and so that it only meets across the front, does not cross over. It is decorated with heavy gold metallic thread on the front and back, in an paulownia design.The waistcoat is plain . The trousers have a button fly and wide stripe of gold metal braid down each outer leg.The hat is bicorn style, black with gold metallic trim. It comes in a black tin box.


Kirkcaldie and Stains Ltd, and L.P. Robert & Co. Ltd. (New Zealand, estab. 1874)

Date Made


Place Made

Wellington, New Zealand

Medium and Materials

Wool, gold metal thread embroidery

Inscription and Marks

Name tag 'A.S. Aldrich' inside the back belt

Subject and Association Description

Mr Arthur Stanhope Aldrich spent twenty five years in Japan from 1872 to 1897, after which he migrated to New Zealand and acquired a farm at Bunnythorpe. He was appointed the first Japanese Consul to New Zealand and retained the post until his death in 1908 in Hawkes Bay.He was European adviser and accountant to the Mikado(Japanese Emperor Meiji) on Public Works and Railways, and was the project manager for establishment of the first Japanese railways. This was shortly after Japan re-opened to the West in 1854 and underwent a rapid acquisition of Western technology. He was presented by the Japanese with medals for his service: Knights of the Order of the Rising Sun, and Companion of the Order of the Mirror.

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Uniform, ceremonial/Clothing - Outerwear/Clothing/Personal Artefacts/Nomenclature

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