Mollusc Shell - Tridacna gigas (Giant clam) ; 82/22/606


Te Manawa


Mollusc Shell - Tridacna gigas (Giant clam)

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This mollusc shell is a Tridacna gigas (Giant clam) and is part of Tridacnacea superfamily. It is complete speciman with both valves being collected and eventually donated to Te Manawa.

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This shell collection comes from Mrs May Third (1913 - 1982), a Shannon shell collector. She collected shells all her married life, including swapping some with a penfriend


Collection of Te Manawa Museums Trust

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Donated by Miss Third, J.E.

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Mollusc Shell

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Cinzia checconi 09 Feb 2018 14:07 PM,UTC

Buonasera come si fa a sapere se una tridcnea è originale , ne ho una e non so capire se è vera è talmente fatta bene che non capisco , anche per sapere se è da collezione e se ha un valore specifico grazie Cinzia checconi

Jeffrey Firestone 23 Dec 2013 06:32 AM,UTC

I am trying to prove if a pearl found in the T. Gigas is really a pearl ir shell material carved out. How thick can the white calcium carbonite be? Who can help me with this question?

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