Edward VIII Coronation Tea Set ; Josiah Wedgwood & Sons Ltd (estab. 1812); 1936...


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Edward VIII Coronation Tea Set

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Dark blue coloured Jasper Wedgwood porcelain tea set , with white applied designs, Including the British Royal Coat of Arms, the profile of King Edward VIII with a crown over his head and the lettering`E VIII R'. Extra decorations of garlands of leaves and berries.


Josiah Wedgwood & Sons Ltd (estab. 1812)

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Wedgwood, 21 W, Made in England;'Wedgwood, 30 Made in England'


Jug 130 mm diameter with spout & handle, 94mm diameter without, 70 mm high. Sugar bowl 140 mm diameter with handles, 120mm diameter without, 110 mm high. Teapot 225 mm diameter with spout & handle, 150 mm diameter without, 135 mm high

Subject and Association Description

Produced to commemorate the coronation of King Edward VIII who was to have been crowned in 1937, but abdicated before the event.
The tea service was presented to the Palmerston North City Library by Mrs R.D. Knight and transferred to the Manawatu Museum in 1969.
Jasperware was first developed in 1774 by Josiah Wedgewood who referred to it as his biscuit porcelain. However it is properly classified as a fine, close-grained, high fired stoneware.


Collection of Te Manawa Museums Trust

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Donated Mrs R.D Knight.

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Food Service T&E/Food T&E/Tools & Equipment for Materials/Nomenclature

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004 - 006

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All rights reserved

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Te Manawa   Te Manawa


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