Projector [Ciné Projector]; <C> Nicholas Power Company, Inc (estab. 1902, closed...


Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)


Projector [Ciné Projector]

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Ciné projector, Powers type E 35 mm, silent.
Main frame and mechanisms with Lamphouse and Lamphouse parts.
Cast iron metal frame painted black with legs that clamp main body of frame. Black thin square metal box for film reel, with hinged door, located on right/top side of frame. Door of box marked "POWER'S / MAGAZINE / PAT JAN 16 1906". Frame protrudes behind the box. Adjustable wheels at back of frame to tilt projector. On left side, with the adjustable wheel is a wheel in the centre that also looks like it would have held a reel. On top of box is a device made up of many wheels, film feeders, a lens (marked: "DALLMEYER SERXII PROJECTION No104600") and a crank handle. Metal above lens marked : POWER'S CAMERAGRAPH". Frame is marked "N.POWER CO" and "N.P.CO" in several places. Tray sits behind projector on top of box.


Nicholas Power Company, Inc (estab. 1902, closed 1925)

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New York City


H 1415 L 1225 W 570mm (H 55 11/16 L 48 1/4 W 22 7/16")

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The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)

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Projector, Motion Picture/Projector/Visual Communication Devices/Visual Communication T&E/06 Tools & Equipment for Communication/Nomenclature

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