Tram [No.100 (Steam)]; Baldwin Locomotive Works; 1891; 2004.310


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Tram [No.100 (Steam)]

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This tram was brought to Wanganui in 1910 for construction of the Gonville and Castlecliff Tramway Board's electric tramway extensions of the Wanganui system. It was rarely used after 1912, but most famously during a three month failure of the Wanganui power supply in 1920, and again during the closing weeks of the system in 1950. No.100 was fully restored to working order at MOTAT 1971-1996. The engine is unique: of the roughly 500 similar tram-motors built for street railways throughout the world, No.100 is the only one still operating and with limited modification to its original form and equipment.

0-4-0 Steam-Tram No.100 with a wheel configuration of 0-4-0. Manufactured by Baldwin Locomotive Works, Philadelphia Makers No.11665
11" cylinder diameter Steam-Tram built specifically for the New South Wales Government Tramways, Sydney, Australia.


Baldwin Locomotive Works

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The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)

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Streetcar/Vehicle, Transit Railway/Rail Vehicles/Rail Transportation Equipment/07 Distribution & Transportation Artifacts/Nomenclature

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