[Documents relating to the career of air stewardess Judy Everard]; 1940-1960; MS...


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[Documents relating to the career of air stewardess Judy Everard]

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A collection of documents relating to the career and life of TEAL stewardess Judy Everard. Everard was selected from 800 applicants to work as one of the first air stewardess on Tasman Empire Airways Limited’s flying boats. The position of stewardess was marketed by The Weekly News as a new career option for the “girls of New Zealand.” One stewardess worked on each of the flying boats serving meals to passengers and looking after their in-flight needs. Everard continued her career as an air hostess in Australia, living in in Sydney. MOTAT accessioned this archival collection in 2018 to support the photographs of Everard in the Whites Aviation Collection as well as the stewardess uniform collection. MOTAT is currently restoring Short S45A Solent Mk 4 Flying Boat - ZK-AMO "Aranui" which was operated by TEAL flying the Coral Route. This flying boat is the last surviving from TEAL’s four Mk 4 Solents.

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