Tape [Anti-Radar Detection]; 2004.78


Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)


Tape [Anti-Radar Detection]

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A reel of tin foil tape on a bakelite drum. The outside portion of the reel is approximately 7 metres of yellow ribbon. The end of the ribbon is stapled to the base of the cardboard box. The ribbon is connected to about 50 metres of tin foil which is 13 mm in width. Enclosed in a cardboard box with a loose lid. A length of brown paper (640 mm) is glued to the back of the box and folded 4 times around the outside of the box. The end of the brown paper is held outside the plane and the contents of the box would unfurl behind the aeroplane. The weight of the tinfoil would ensure the box dropped quickly.


1 - Tape: H 13 L 50000mm (H 1/2 L 1968 1/2")
2 - Box: H 80 L 80 W 15mm (H 3 1/8 L 3 1/8 W 9/16")
3 - Paper: H 70 L 640mm (H 2 3/4 L 25 3/16")


Bomber Command Collection

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The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)

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Aerospace Transportation Accessories/Aerospace Transportation T&E/07 Distribution & Transportation Artifacts/Nomenclature

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