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Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)


Airline Furniture [Queen's Suite]

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Dining table, chairs and carpet and overhead unit from the Air New Zealand DC8 plane fitted out for Queen Elizabeth II, who visited New Zealand in 1970. Table is brown wood on a metal column base with four chairs surrounding it. Three chairs are teal coloured with a floral design and one chair is gold/yellow velvet, all chairs have a metal base with four stands and are height adjustable. Carpet is a mottled pattern of yellow/ light teal green and darker green. The overhead unit is in two sections, made from wood with metal trim and vinyl covering in white with narrow gold and black stripes. It features adjustable vents, three in each section, five labels read 'LIFE VEST UNDER FRONT OF YOUR SEAT', wiring and tubing protrude from the corners. Included are six oxygen masks.


Air New Zealand Limited (New Zealand, estab. 1940)

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H 780 L 2550 W 1870mm (H 30 11/16 L 100 3/8 W 73 5/8")

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The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)

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Seat, Aircraft/Component, Aircraft/Aerospace Transportation Accessories/Aerospace Transportation T&E/07 Distribution & Transportation Artifacts/Nomenclature

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