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Automobile [Wolseley 4/50]

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A maroon coloured saloon automobile. This was one of two models produced by the Wolseley Motor Company after World War Two. Production of this model started in 1948 and stopped in 1953. This car has a cc rating of 1476 and takes petrol. The 40/50 was introduced in 1948, along with the more common 6/80 (a 6 cylinder vehicle). These vehicles were the first post-world war two offering of the Wolseley Motor Company. The 40/50 model was powered by a 4 cylinder engine. SOHC Wolseley motor of 1476cc displacement. The body was based on the BMC Morris Oxford. In 1953-4 the motor was replaced with a 1.5 litre OHV BMC 4 cylinder and the model became the 4/44. This model has a bench seat, which was a feature of export only vehicles. During the 1950s, Wolseleys were often used as Police cars.


Wolseley Motor Company (England, estab. 1901, closed 1975)

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Oct 1951

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Road Transport

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The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)

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