Aircraft [AESL Airtourer 115]; Aero Engine Services Limited; 1969; 2005.74


Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)


Aircraft [AESL Airtourer 115]

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Small, single-engine, low wing monoplane constructed of aluminium skin (pop riveted) and fibreglass fairings. The total length is 21 feet with a wingspan of 26 feet.
Two seats, side by side.
The aeroplane is powered by a Lycoming, 4-cylinder engine which normally develops 115 HP at full throttle.
The aeroplane has a fixed tricycle undercarriage with 5" tubeless tyres, normally 26 psi, but kept inflated to 35 psi owing to heavy overloading. Fixed pitch propeller.
Normal maximum all-up weight: 1,650 lbs., but increased to 2,000 lbs. for extra fuel.
Fuel capacity: Normal 30 Imperial gallons (132 litres), increased to 77 gallons.
Maximum fuel quantity: 340 litres.
Fuel consumption at 2,400 rpm: 5 gallons per hour.
Fuel Grade: Normally 80/87, but up to 115/145 used on flight.
Maximum speed at sea level: 143 mph/124 knots/230 kph.
Maximum cruise speed at 4,000 feet: 131 mph/114 knots/211 kph.


Aero Engine Services Limited

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H 2080 L 6528 W 7930mm (H 81 7/8 L 257 W 312 3/16")

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The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)

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Aircraft/Aerospace Transportation T&E/07 Distribution & Transportation Artifacts/Nomenclature

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