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Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)


Flight Simulator [Link Trainer]

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An aviation trainer, not resembling a particular type of aircraft, it is used to train pilots of all types of aircraft. Box-shaped fuselage with monoplane wings and a tail assembly. The cockpit is enclosed with a clear Perspex canopy. The trainer is fixed to a black revolving drum and this sits on a black metal box filled with electrical circuitry. The aircraft is linked to an instrument panel located nearby on a table. There are 4 dials on the rectangular, grey wooden box. From left to right the dials are: Air Speed, Landing Path, Altitude, Vertical Speed.
Colours: Blue, red, silver, white, black. (Blue fuselage, silver wings, red rudder).


Link Aviation Devices, Incorporated (United States of America, estab. 1935)

Maker Role



National Airways Corporation (New Zealand, estab. 1947, closed 1978)

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Place Made

New York


H 3450 L 2350 W 3100mm (H 135 13/16 L 92 1/2 W 122 1/16")



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The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)

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Model, Instructional/Model/Other Documents/Documentary Artifacts/08 Communication Artifacts/Nomenclature

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