Pencil Box; 2004.101


Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)


Pencil Box

About this object

Rectangular, wooden, pencil box. At the top of the box, on the left side, is a nail which holds a sliding wooden top in place. The lid moves to reveal the inside of the pencil box. Etched on the lid of the box is a representation of the Navigator's badge: a circle with the letter 'N' inside it and a laurel wreath with a wing on the right side.


H 32 L 256 W 45mm (H 1 1/4 L 10 1/16 W 1 3/4")



Credit Line

The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)

Object Type

Case, Pencil/Case, Writing Equipment/Container, Writing Equipment/Writing Accessories/Written Communication T&E/06 Tools & Equipment for Communication/Nomenclature

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All rights reserved

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