Dress; Circa 1910; 1986.35


Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)



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Silk; black and very ornate. Net-lace false bib, in black/cream - fastened across to effect trim completely surrounding the neck; the neck also with a soft, wire collar. The bodice is contained within a mantle which joins beneath the belt, with the peplum. The inner bodice is shaped and the form is reinforced by bone; the inner bodice is fastened at the front by hooks and eyes/domes which run down below the belt. The mantle also joins at the front, hooks/eyes and a dome, forming 2 lapels which run to the waist; the point of each lapel is marked by a covered button. The mantle is pleated, front and back; 8 pleats at the back, running up from the belt. The sleeves are full-length with lace-edged cuffs. The waist is marked by a belt of 4 tiers which meets at the front secured by domes - the belt has a foliage and flower decoration at the front which is pinned, via domes, up and above the belt-line. The peplum is a single scallop-shape, extended and pleated at the rear.

Date Made

Circa 1910

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H 1270 W 450mm (H 50 W 17 11/16")

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The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)

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Dress/Main Garments/Clothing/03 Personal Artifacts/Nomenclature

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