Box Kite; Hoffman Radio Company; Circa 1940s; 1967.141


Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)


Box Kite

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Box kite salvaged from the Liberator crash at Whenuapai in 1943, the aeroplane taking Japanese interns to America. These kites were used to fly an aerial from a rubber life raft, to enable the user to radio for help. Came in a long cylindrical metal tube. Made of yellow cotton fabric around thin hollow aluminium rods. There are two kite sections - each has four aluminium ribs with cross-rib extensions that open up to form a box kite. One of section has instructions printed on the kite fabric. The kite was used in conjunction with the "Gibson Girl" transmitter (see Acc. No. 2004.330). For similar kite reference see: 2006.305.1=3.


Hoffman Radio Company

Maker Role


Date Made

Circa 1940s

Place Made

Los Angeles


L 900 W 430 D 430mm (L 35 7/16 W 16 15/16 D 16 15/16")

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The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)

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Kite/Aircraft/Aerospace Transportation T&E/07 Distribution & Transportation Artifacts/Nomenclature

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