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Aircraft [de Havilland DH100 Vampire FB Mk 9]

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Vampire, single seat jet fighter bomber of metal construction except for the pressurised plywood and balsa cockpit area. The powerplant is one de Havilland Goblin DG3 centrifugal flow turbojet engine of 3350 lbs. static thrust. The silver aircraft is twin boom and is a monoplane. The tops of the wings have red, white and blue roundels. The boom markings are yellow diamonds on a rectangular red background: A roundel followed by a repeat of the yellow diamond shape marking. Towards the rear of the boom are the markings, in black - WR202. On each side of the tail fins are vertical red, white and blue stripes. The oblong or tear-shaped fuel tanks are located under the wings. The Perspex cockpit roof is bubble-shaped. There is room for one person in the narrow cockpit.'Engine has been mounted on a brown painted metal frame for display. Large rocket shaped engine with very narrow front and a large back end.


The de Havilland Aircraft Company Limited (England, estab. 1920, closed 1964)

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H 1900 L 10500 W 11600mm (H 74 13/16 L 413 3/8 W 456 11/16")

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The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)

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Airplane/Aircraft/Aerospace Transportation T&E/07 Distribution & Transportation Artifacts/Nomenclature

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