Model [Coronation State Coach]; 1964.117


Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)


Model [Coronation State Coach]

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The model consists of: A highly ornamented gold coloured horse drawn coach. Decorated with 2 trumpet players attached at front corners, 2 winged archers at back.
8 white horses are harnessed in pairs with leather latticed saddles painted red and gold.
4 figures on horseback dressed in riding gear (Role named a 'Postilion').
17 standing figures: 7 Walking Grooms (Men wearing knee length scarlet jackets with gold trim, white britches and black riding hat and boots), 6 'Queen's Footmen (Men wearing knee length scarlet jackets with gold trim, burgundy britches and black riding hat and shoes with white stockings)', 4 'Queen's Body Guards of the Yeomen of the Guard' (Wear knee length scarlet jackets that carry the badge of the yeomen, with a white frilled collar, scarlet stockings and black shoes with a flower on, Black full brimed hat with white/blue/red flowers decorating it, all carry a spear with red shaft, and gold 3 pointed tip aka a Wilkinson sword).

The primary composition material appears to be painted plaster, with painted leather and cloth accessories and various metal attachments.
This is a model replica of the Gold State Coach which was used during Queen Elizabeths Coronation.


H 1100 L 1820 D 1115mm (H 43 5/16 L 71 5/8 D 43 7/8")


Road Transport

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The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)

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Model/Other Documents/Documentary Artifacts/08 Communication Artifacts/Nomenclature

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