MOTAT Newsletter July 1966; MOTAT; July 1966; 04-1334


Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)


MOTAT Newsletter July 1966


July 1966



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Introduction followed by section reports, includes a McKay-Sparrow Industrial photograph showing buildings, two propellers on the ground and the front of the Pumphouse -- Aviation Workshop building -- Tram lines -- Colonial village -- Railway signal box -- History of recorded sound -- Plastics industry -- Working models -- Radar unit -- Computer technology -- Photographic display -- Wanted correspondents -- TV programme (Pictorial magazine, AKTV2) -- Golden kiwis (financial assistance) -- Corporate membership (to increase the number of companies and organisations directly associated with the museum) -- Personal visits (invitation) -- Committee meetings this month.

Date Made

July 1966

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Western Springs, Auckland, New Zealand



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July 1966

Publication Place

Western Springs, Auckland

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Museum of Transport and Technology Newsletter

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