Pop Pop; Child, Madeleine; 2007; 2007/9/1


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Pop Pop

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"Pop-pop is prompted by my son’s innocence in the face of food additives and genetically engineered crops. At the same time, however, the pieces are also a spontaneous response to the shape and tactility of cheezels and pop corn as comfort food. I blow them up to large size, each about 20 cm in diameter. The works are fun and playful and these characteristics are poignantly at odds with the serious issues at stake. The pieces also play with the tension between attraction and repulsion; between despite and guilt; and between bodily needs and informed opinion – and they so on a material level. We see the opposites playing out in front of our eyes through the contrasts between the lumpiness of the clay and the seductive qualities of the coloured and glazed surfaces.” Madeleine Child, 2007


Child, Madeleine

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Medium and Materials

Stoneware, lead glaze, glass, gold lustre


TheNewDowse Permanent Collection

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Collection of TheNewDowse

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All rights reserved

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