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Balderston Family Tree

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Two books that include information of the Balderston Family tree.

The first book is titled " The Balderston Families around the World."
Publisher: Family Heritage International INC.
Edition: 6th October 1989

It has a general introduction as to how to trace your ancestors. The book has 5 sections.

Section 1: The NZ people. Early origins, settlement plus development
Section 2: How names originated and what the Balderston surname means.
Section 3: How early 'Coats of Arms' were granted.
Section 4: How to discover your ancestors.
Section 5: The Balderston International Registry.

The second book is an album that traces the Family Tree of the Balderston Family.
It includes, photos, wills, birth certificates, death certificates (some original) and original letters dated from 1882 to 2004.

Other family information includes the McKay and McQuarrie Family.

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