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'Lanz' Bulldog Tractor

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A 'Lanz' Bulldog Tractor stuck in mud at the Tung Oil Plantation, Te Arai/Tomorata. It took 2 days for the men to dig around the tractor and for the bullock team to pull it out. Circa 1931.

A: 'Lanz' Bulldog tractor preparing ground for Tung Oil Plantation
B, C, D: 'Lanz' Bulldog tractor stuck in the mud
E: The bullock team being hitched to tractor
F: Bullock team successful in pulling tractor free
G: Bullocks

The Tung Oil Plantation was a Government Relief Work Scheme for unemployed men during the depression. 700 acres were ploughed by contract from the Wellsford-Mangawai Road to the vicinity of the old Te Arai Cemetery. 56,700 trees were planted which also includes replanting.

Tung nuts were imported from Japan and grown to produce tung oil which was to be used in the manufacture of paint, varnish and linoleum etc. The tung nuts were unsuitable for NZ soil. Flooding occurred along a dip on Braddock Road where the tung nuts were grown. The land was very boggy resulting in never-ending rescue missions with the bullocks being used to pull the tractor free.

The work at Tomorata/Te Arai began in 1929 and was closed down in 1936 by the Government.

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