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A ledger book belonging to Dan Bowmar's General Store. Alphabetical order of Suppliers and clients at the front of Ledger. Followed by the accounts owing by the clients and to the Suppliers. Appears to start at 1909 and end at 1911. Outside green fabric cover is in poor condition. Inside writing is in good condition.

The Bowmar family (Joseph and Selina Bowmar) came to NZ aboard the 'Talbot' 1864. Daniel worked in the gum fields around Northland. He became a general store keeper at Kaiwaka, then to Mangawai, Waipu and Ruakaka. The Mangawai store became the head quarters for his business. He hired a large number of staff and had 14 teams of horse's and carts to collect and deliver goods. He bought Kauri gum from over 500 gum diggers in the surrounding areas. This was shipped to Auckland.
Attached to his store in Mangawai was a bakery and butchery and Post Office. His store was situated on Moirs Street, Mangawai Village, where the present day (2016) Mangawhai Holiday Park is situated. He resided at Waipu from 1914 onwards.


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