Cross section of moa hunter site; CTNN13


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Cross section of moa hunter site

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Les Lockerbie was the Education Officer at the Otago Museum in Dunedin from 1947-1976. During the 1950s he made the first full- scale survey of a moa hunter camp at Manuka Point in the Catlins. He put together this small cross section of the archaeological site.

Manuka Point is the only completely dated moa hunter camp site. The waters of the Catlins and Owaka Rivers and the action of the sea have now whittled away this small peninsula area.

Les Lockerbie also carried out archaeological digs in the Catlins at Papatowai, Kings Rock, Cannibal Bay, False Island, Manuka Island and Hina Hina.

Les Lockerbie was brought up at MacLennan in the Catlins and made a major contribution to our understanding of the early Maori life in the area.

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