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Red Cross quilt

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When World War Two began in the Middle East, a sub branch of the Red Cross was formed in Tahakopa. This is one of the quilts made out of flour bags for the Red Cross war effort. Material which was easily washed was hard to come by because of wartime shortages so the humble flour bag came into good use.

For a charge of one shilling per square, anyone could have their name embroidered into the quilt by members of the Tahakopa Country Women’s Institute committee. The centre panel was designed by the President of the Country Women’s Institute. The seven pounds that was raised from this quilt was sent to Red Cross Headquarters.

This particular quilt was first used in Egypt. At the end of the war, the quilt went to Vietnam for use in the hospitals there and then on to England. Eventually, the much travelled quilt returned to New Zealand, was displayed at the Tahakopa Combined Schools Centenary in 1997 and then donated to the Owaka Museum.

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