Collection of Catlins' Specimens; Catlins District; 2010.906


Owaka Museum and Catlins Information Centre Wahi Kahuika - the Meeting Place – a rest on your journey.


Collection of Catlins' Specimens

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Collection of Catlins Specimens; a collection of approximately 90 samples of Moss, Liverwort, Hornwort and Lichens from the Catlins District. The specimens were collected by attendees of the John Child Bryophyte Workshop, based at Tautuku, the Catlins, 12-17 December, 2008. The specimens represent a good cross-section of the mosses and liverworts in the area.

The Bryophyte Workshop is an ad hoc, non-profit organisation that brings bryologists and lichenologists from Australia, New Zealand and other countries together for several days each year. The normal pattern of these workshops is to collect specimens from relevant areas in the district where the workshop is held during the day. Evenings are spent identifying these specimens and in seminars and informal discussions on bryological issues.

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Catlins District


h 200mm x l 550mm x w 400mm (box containing specimens)

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museums. collectors and collecting

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science, botany

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From the collection of Owaka Museum Wahi Kahuika The Meeting Place "a rest on your journey"

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