Photograph [Owaka Football Club, 90th Jubilee]; [?]; 1983; 2010.794


Owaka Museum and Catlins Information Centre Wahi Kahuika - the Meeting Place – a rest on your journey.


Photograph [Owaka Football Club, 90th Jubilee]

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photograph; a colour photograph taken at the Owaka Football Club, 90th Jubilee, 1983. The photograph depicts two rugby teams after a game - the Golden Oldies v the Old Buffers, score 10-all.

Those pictured have been identified as: [back row] Old Buffers: John Turnbull (Referee), Neil Tutty, Martin Miller, Jim Berney, Geoff Pullar, Bob Cruickshank, Innis Burgess, Peter Grieve, Bruce McNab, Trevor Parks, Graham Nind, Huck Findlay, Winston Parks, John Hames, Grant McIlroy, [front row] Golden Oldies: Bryan Price, Lester Logan, Donald Smith, Simon Snow, Albert Berney, Neil Fraser, Ken Burrow, Alan Burgess, Neville Smith, Bevan Smith, Ken Eade, and Victor Anderson.

Place Made

Oceania, New Zealand, South Island, The Catlins, Owaka



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Medium and Materials

processed material, paper
processed material, paper, cardboard


h 277mm x w 327mm

Subject and Association Keywords

recreation. leisure, sports, ball games

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From the collection of Owaka Museum Wahi Kahuika The Meeting Place "a rest on your journey"

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