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Murray Moore was a tank segeant who sent home a Christmas card from Fiji, but was later killed in the River Po push in Italy. The museum is compiling a Roll of Honour and gathering information about local people who served in foreign wars. Visit the museum to read the citation for Jim Pirimona who received the Military Medal for bravery.


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Murray Third (Moore) 17 Mar 2012 07:46 AM,UTC

Re Murray Moore.;HM20- Close association with his father's family property which was acquired in the mid 1920s from the Garlic family (of Maple Furnishing Co) The property had two beaches, one gentle sloping and recognised by the stone wall (next west from Foster or Maori Bay and the other beach is around the point and before the old Kon Bryant leased property from the then Auckland Harbour Board. Murrays true name was Melnot and he was a twin and his twin was named Clarry and he served in Europe and was a POW in Italy.There were three other brothers- Warner, Algie and Ivan and a sister, Ada.Melnot had completed a tour of duty in the Paciffic and upon learning that Clarry at the time was listed as missing, re enlisted for a tour of duty in Europe in the hope of finding Clarry.Not to be. The association with the Huia is rememberd in a practical way with the stone wall which was not completed due to the intervention of WW2. Warner and his wife Stella lived at the property and worked withe the contractors who built the curved concrete bridge over the Huia stream. Algie also lived on the property with his wife Violet and also served in the Paciffic theater WW2 Algie (Tooky) as he was affectionately known joined the ACC Bulk Water Division.Ada is my Mother and I am fortunate to have many memories of that family post WW2. Murray T

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