Ball gown c.1870's; Unknown; c.1870's; 2007_365_1-3


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Ball gown c.1870's

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Two piece ball gown c.1870's. Vibrant royal blue colour silk with trims in black velvet ribbon and blue corded motifs. 1. Full bustle type skirt, with straight front decorated from knee to bottom hem with three bands of gathered silk with borders of black velvet ribbon. At sides two velvet ribbons inches apart decorate vertically, separating the back from the front. The back has extra material and a train, with a gathered flounce at bottom hem, attached to skirt with black velvet ribbon. A pocket sits at right side with black velvet ribbon outlining. Skirt is lined with cotton, with the bottom half treated with a waterproof substance. Two sets of ties gather the back inside around the bustle. Left front side placket closed with five metal hooks and thread eyes. 2. Matching bodice with low scooped neckline outlined with black velvet ribbon and sitting wide on shoulders. Short cap sleeves with gathered detail outlined with black velvet ribbon. Fitted bodice with three striped black velvet ribbon detail in a triangle at front, either side in a V is blue corded trim braid which continues on down around the edge to the peplum below waist. Peplum is scalloped and seperated at back with longer tails. Plain waistband, back opening, closed with many metal hooks and thread holes. Blue corded motif flowers sit at front centre waist and three on either side of peplum. Lined with white polished cotton. 3. 1/2 bow attachment to back of bodice to drap over skirt with trims of blue cord down one side. From donor's family home 'Big Hollow'.



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1. 107cm length at front, 132 at back, 64cm width at waist. 2. 51cm length x 58cm width at waist. 3. 57cm length

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ball gown c.1870's

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Nederick Sterling

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