N.Z. Post Office smock uniforms c.1970-80's; Unknown; mid 20th Century; 1994_103...


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N.Z. Post Office smock uniforms c.1970-80's

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Two N.Z. Post Office ladies blue nylon smock dress uniforms. Self striped pattern. Short sleeves, two patch hip pockets with triangle detail. Collar with lapels. Fastened down centre front opening with seven blue and white plastic buttons. Back waistband and a gusset between shoulders for movement. White sewing trim detail at pockets and collar. 'Post Office' logo at left collar bone on no.1 which is the older uniform, no.2 has the newer logo, which is an envelope, and came in early 1980's. These uniform pieces belonged to the donor who worked for the New Zealand Post Office for many years in Telephone Services Downtown House Auckland then the N.Z. Post.



Date Made

mid 20th Century

Place Made

New Zealand

Medium and Materials



104cm length x 55cm width underarm

Subject and Association Description

N.Z. Post Office ladies smock uniform

Credit Line

Colleen Harbott

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All rights reserved

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N.Z. Post office

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