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Two female Huia birds, which were shot in 1889 in Pohangina Valley. It is widely believed that some of the last remaining Huia were sighted in the Ruahine Ranges just west of Dannevirke. The name Huia has been kept alive in the area with The Huia Aerated Water Co in operation for many years, many sports teams carrying the name Huia and just in the last few years an amalgamation of two schools into one that was renamed “Huia Range School”.

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Julian Stokoe 08 Mar 2016 05:39 AM,UTC

There is a good resource for children to learn more about the huia including a re-creation of its song and a 360 degree turn around of a male and female pair. It's called 12 Huia Birds:

Dannevirke Gallery of History 06 Mar 2016 21:00 PM,UTC

These birds are in fact a pair. A few years ago we had a visiting expert who explained that the larger bird is a male and the smaller bird an immature female. Her beak had not yet grown into a curve. 03 Aug 2015 08:33 AM,UTC

These are male birds the female has the curved beak the male is straighter. Andy Gillespie of Dannevirke died 1984 I believe had one of te last birds ever found in the Ruahine Ranges,.it was in a glass case at the top of the stairs at his home.

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