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The Phillips Museum of Art, Franklin & Marshall College

The collection at The Phillips Museum of Art, at Franklin & Marshall College, consists of fine art, historic artifacts, furniture, decorative arts and material culture that encompass both local and global perspectives. The collection serves as a teaching resource for faculty across the curriculum and provides students unique opportunities to engage in undergraduate research projects that use original objects as gateways for inquiry into social, cultural and scientific investigation.

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Postal address iconPO Box 3003 Lancaster, PA 17603 USA
Telephone number icon717-291-4319
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Physical address iconFranklin & Marshall College Steinman College Center College Ave, Lancaster, PA, United States
Hours of operation iconTuesday, Wednesday, Friday 11:30 am to 4:30 pm Thursday 1 to 4:30 pm Saturday-Sunday 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm Closed Monday
Charges iconFree

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Heart-shaped fraktur; Unknown (American); 1776; 2015.00.220Calendar--L'Afrique des Createurs (1995); Unknown; 1995; EC547Paper Cut-outs in Mexico; Unknown; n.d.; EC894 A-FButter mold; Unknown; 1810-1850; 2015.00.277Cast Iron Glue Pot; Unknown; probably 19th century; 2015.00.1280a,b
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Small Pot; Pre-Columbian; Unknown; 2015.00.1388Small Pot; Pre-Columbian; Unknown; 2015.00.1391Small Pot; Pre-Columbian; Unknown; 2015.00.1393Small Jug; Pre-Columbian; Unknown; 2015.00.1385Moche stirrup spout vessel; mid 1st century; Peru; 2015.00.1745
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Two Men with Hats and Cigars; after 1856; 2012.00.138Ambrotype of Frank Cox aged 5 years; c. 1856; 2012.00.149Photograph of Face Rock Island, Lancaster County, PA; H.H. Back; Mid 19th C; 2025Portrait of a Young Frank Cox; c. 1856; 2012.00.109Young Ida Cox wearing Spotted Dress and Fingerless Gloves; c. 1856; 2012.00.136
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