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MG roadster, soft top; MG Works; 20th Century; BMHT Loan.1

MG roadster, soft top; MG Works; 23.10.1980AD; BMHT Loan.1
MG roadster, soft top; MG Works; 23.10.1980AD; BMHT Loan.1MG roadster, soft top; MG Works; 23.10.1980AD; BMHT Loan.1
MG roadster, soft top
About this object
MG roadster, soft top. Colour bronze with orange upholstery. This car rolled off the MG production line on 23 October 1980. It was the last MGB Roadster made in Abingdon and one of a small number of bronze LE cars.
Maker Role
Date Made
20th Century
Place Notes
Made at the MG works in Abingdon-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.
Medium and Materials
Style and Iconography
MG cars
Subject and Association Keywords
MG Works
20th century
British Motor Heritage Trust
Credit Line
On loan from the British Motor Heritage Trust Collection. This display was made possible by the generous sponsorship of British Motor Heritage Limited who dismantled the car and made a special cradle for the body shell which was carefully slipped through a first floor window of the Museum, where it was re-assembled for display.
Object Type
Object number
BMHT Loan.1


MG Cars

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