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Visual Studies Workshop

The Research Center at the Visual Studies Workshop maintains archival and research collections about the media arts of photography, independent film and video, electronic imaging, visual books and the publication arts. VSW's focus on the aesthetics, cultural history of media, and social use of images has developed a collections policy that includes both creative work and vernacular images, as well as items that represent the history of media use.

Visual Studies Workshop’s mission is to support makers and interpreters of images through education, publications, exhibitions, and collections. In 1969, photographer, writer, curator, and educator Nathan Lyons founded VSW as an artist-run, educational and support center for photography and other media arts. We are an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Since 1977, we have resided in two historic buildings located in the Neighborhood of the Arts in Rochester, NY, including other notable institutions such as The George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film and the University of Rochester’s Memorial Art Gallery. Over the past 40 years, VSW has produced hundreds of exhibitions, over 450 artists’ books and resource titles, maintained the publication Afterimage, a valued, bi-monthly journal, housed collections with over a million images, and offered residencies to hundreds of artists. Our wide range of programs and facilities support media artists, students, other arts organizations, and the general population interested in the visual arts and its education. The interrelated program areas that implement and extend our mission are in Education, the Research Center, Afterimage, VSW Press, Artists-in-Residence, and Exhibitions.

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Postal address iconVisual Studies Workshop 31 Prince Street Rochester, New York 14607
Telephone number icon(585) 442-8676
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Staff iconTate Shaw, Director | Laraine Gallagher, Fiscal Officer | Karen vanMeenen, Editor, Afterimage | Lucia Sommer, Assistant Editor, Afterimage | Jenn Libby, Research Center Coordinator

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Physical address iconVisual Studies Workshop 31 Prince Street Rochester, New York 14607, United States
Hours of operation iconTuesdays & Thursdays 10:00am-6:00pm
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Chicago 19, 1956; Siskind, Aaron; 1965; 1971:0196:0001My Father's Image: Michael, Marilyn, Marsdan; Forth, Robert; c. 1970; 1972:0107:0001Riding the Dog; Crumb, R., Pekar, Harvey; 1980; 1981:0123:0008untitled ; Siskind, Aaron; 1965; 1988:0008Chicago 6, 1961; Siskind, Aaron; 1965; 1971:0582:0001
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