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Mervyn Henry STEVENSON, b. 31st March 1926, Mt Morgan QLD; USH00688

Mervyn Henry STEVENSON, b. 31st March 1926, Mt Morgan QLD
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Ranks Attained:
07/07/1947: Probationary Constable
21/10/1947: Constable
24/03/1953: Plain Clothes Constable
06/02/1956: Detective Constable
09/12/1957: Senior Constable
31/08/1964: Detective Sergeant Second Class
07/07/1969: Detective Sergeant First Class
07/10/1974: Detective Senior Sergeant
14/06/1976: Inspector Grade Four
18/04/1977: Inspector Grade Three
08/09/1978: Inspector Grade Two
09/04/1979: Inspector Grade One
16/03/1981: Superintendant Grade Three

Stations of Transfer:
07/07/1947: Depot (Probationary)
21/10/1947: Oxley
02/09/1948: Normanton
18/10/1948: Coen
15/12/1951: Cloncurry
20/06/1952: Criminal Investigation Branch, Brisbane
03/08/1955: Emerald (Criminal Investigation Branch)
06/02/1956: Emerald
20/10/1960: Rockhampton (Criminal Investigation Branch)
31/08/1964: Criminal Investigation Branch, Brisbane
26/11/1964: Townsville (C.I.B) (Stock Investigation Squad)
21/05/1965: Charters Towers (C.I.B) (Stock Investigation Squad)
21/03/1975: Criminal Investigation Branch, Brisbane
17/06/1976: Livingstone District (In Charge)
19/04/1977: Northern Region (Staff Office)
02/03/1978: Townsville Police District
09/03/1981: Townsville District (In Charge)

1978: Good Work
1978: Good Work
1971: Good Work
1963: Commendation
1961: Favourable Record
1960: Commendation
1953: Favourable Record
1952: Favourable Record
1951: Favourable Record
1950: Favourable Record

Subject and Association Description
Parents: John & Else Stevenson
Children: John Joseph, Sheila Maree, Bridgett Mary and Paul Gerard

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CrookedCreekCattleCo28 Jan 2016 12:01 PM,UTC
big Merv.. he got away with MURDER!
Susan18 Dec 2014 08:43 AM,UTC
Where's his ugly mugshot?
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