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South Georgia Museum

Situated on the sub-Antactic island of South Georgia, the Museum displays a range of information on the history and environmental heritage of the island. It was set up initially as a whaling and sealing museum in 1992 and has grown to encompass exploration, expeditions, military, administrative and natural history.

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Postal address iconOctober-March: King Edward Point, Island of South Georgia, via. Falkland Islands, South Atlantic, SIQQ 1ZZ March-October: South Georgia Heritage Trust, First Floor Offices, Verdant Works, Dundee, DD1 5BT, UK
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Staff iconSGHT Director, South Georgia - Sarah Lurcock

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Physical address iconGrytviken, Island of South Georgia, South Atlantic


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Note book ; Various; 1979 - 2005; SGHT.2008.7
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Rorqual whale skull and harpoon; Rorqual whale; SGHT.1995.5.232Sperm whale tooth; Sperm whale; SGHT.1995.1.228Collection of 10 fossils; Annenkov Island, South Georgia; SGHT.2009.26Wandering albatross specimen; Wandering albatross; SGHT.2009.8Snow petrel; Snow petrel; SGHT.2009.9
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