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Print [F W Hayes]; Hayes, F W; [?]; CT81.1614a

Print [F W Hayes]; Hayes, F W; [?]; CT81.1614a
Print [F W Hayes]
About this object
Print; a black and white print of a painting signed F W Hayes. The image depicts a stag at the edge of a river. Mounted on cardboard.
Maker Role
Date Made
Place Made
Medium and Materials
processed material, paper; processed material, paper, cardboard.
h 557mm x l 256mm

Subject and Association Keywords
fine arts, print media
Credit Line
From the collection of Owaka Museum Wahi Kahuika The Meeting Place "a rest on your journey"
Object Type
Object number

Copyright Licence Help
All rights reserved
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R. Cameron20 Mar 2015 21:29 PM,UTC
I have this same beautiful print what insurance value should I place on it thank you
Rhona mccallan10 Jan 2015 19:40 PM,UTC
I also have 2 of these pictures, in original gilded frame in excellent condition. Are they worth anything? Thank you
carol bell11 Aug 2014 19:07 PM,UTC
I have two black white prints by fe Hayes the stag at eve and the cool of night they must be over 80years old di they have any value
nicholle29 Jun 2014 04:38 AM,UTC
I have a print I do believe by F W Hayes it has the number 4238 in the right hand corner. Any idea what the value of the piece is? It is in original gilded frame, which is in great condition, if you have ever dealt with gilded frames; they can be hard to restore. Before I go an take it out, an re purpose the frame, I would like to know the value of it. It is a very nice piece. feel free to email, if you can be of any help thank you
Marjory Simpson07 Sep 2013 12:40 PM,UTC
I have two F W Hayes Prints Moonrise and Daybreak in original frames
26 Jun 2012 16:14 PM,UTC
I have the print Wahi Kahuika the Meeting Place - a rest on your journey. Can anyone tell me what the value of this print is?
Roxena14 Apr 2012 15:30 PM,UTC
I have 2 framed prints by FW Hayes, At Aberdovey and The Great
Orme, Llandudno. Do they have value, I do believe they are in their original frames & are in excellent condition.
Nick04 Mar 2012 17:10 PM,UTC
I have 2 framed prints by F W hayes, the monarch of the glen and in lonely solitude. Do they have a value?
RALF20 Apr 2011 05:34 AM,UTC
do you want to sell this print
Dan Bringle29 Jan 2011 17:00 PM,UTC
I have this print in excellent condition in a nice old wooden frame. Is there a market for it?
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