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Museum of Barnstaple and North Devon

Museum of Barnstaple and North DevonThe Museum of Barnstaple and North Devon has extensive collections covering the natural and human history of this beautiful area of England. Over 50,000 collection records and images are accessible through the eHive website.

The museum is in the town of Barnstaple and includes the exhibition galleries, tourist information and a tea room.

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All That Remains

All That RemainsWWI objects from New Zealand museum collections | He Waihotanga Iho mai i te Pakanga Tuatahi


All That Remains is is a collections-driven exhibition project that explores New Zealanders’ objects related to WWI from both overseas and the home front.

The website is built using the eHive WordPress plugins. These allow eHive users to create a branded website integrating content from eHive.  For more information, see The eHive Toolkit.

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11th June 2015 Update

Version 4.2.1 of eHive is the latest of a series of upgrades. Key changes include the option for account holders to view higher resolution original images, links from object records to communities, and improvements in pick list maintenance.

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