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WordPress plugins

Keyboard that spells eHiveeHive’s WordPress plugins let you build your own branded websites that display account and object information from eHive.  We’ve been steadily updating our WordPress plugins since we launched the beta version in November 2012.

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A new start with new parts

hexagons web smallWe hope you had a great break, and are feeling refreshed and ready for 2013.  We used the Christmas and New Year break to implement an overhaul of our systems, so we are re-vamped and revving for a busy year ahead. 


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eHive's new baby - beta version 2.0 of the API and Wordpress plugins

The eHive API version 2.0In 2010 we developed version 1.0 of our Wordpress plugins and application programming interface (API). We're now ready to make this public. We're excited to launch version 2.0 of the Wordpress plugins and API.

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9 February 2012 - Excel and XML reporting improvements, indexing changes

eHive reportseHive's latest upgrade, version 3.3, includes the migration of Excel and XML reports into our new reporting tool. We have also completed background work to support better text indexing.

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17 Nov 2011 - Reporting Revamped

eHive reportseHive's latest upgrade, version 3.2, includes a revamp of the reporting tool. The reports have been rebuilt in Jasper, a report design product, and a new downloads section has been added to eHive to allow reports to generate in the background while you continue with your work.

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13th July 2011 upgrade

eHive version 3.0

eHive has upgraded to version 3.0 on 13 July 2011.  This is our biggest upgrade so far. The latest version includes new location history fields, a 'create similar record' option, better  metadata for search engines, and upgrades to the underlying servers and software to improve the performance of the site.

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5 April 2011 - Record valuation information in eHive


In the latest eHive upgrade we've added a Valuations tab to the eHive create screens.  This allows you to record one or more valuations for your objects, and keep track of valuation changes over time.

Valuation information is not publicly accessible - it can only be viewed when you are logged in and viewing your own objects.

For more information, check out the Valuations topic on the eHive wiki.

This latest upgrade also includes some improvements to the speed of eHive.  You may notice faster loading times when you are creating new records, particularly when you're moving between tabs or saving. 

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11th January 2011 - Improved searching on accented characters

Diacritics ExampleA minor update to eHive was performed on 11th January 2011.

It included an enhancement to allow for searching on words with diacritics (accented characters) with or without the diacritics.

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26th November 2010 - Google Maps is here

Sort optionsWe've been building in support for each account profile page (museum directory page) to have an embedded Google Map showing their physical address. Today's upgrade includes the bulk of the changes to support this.

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3rd November 2010 - New sort options

Sort optionsThe latest eHive upgrade supports sorting of complex object numbers. eHive now stores the original object number entered and a formatted version which is used for sorting. You'll see the new sort option on the search result page under Sort Records.

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25th June 2010 - Pick list maintenance enhancements

Pick list maintenance enhancementsA new pick list editor was added in the latest upgrade. You can now edit the names of existing terms or delete unused ones. There's also a handy link showing the number of records using any particular term. You can click on the link to open a new tab with a results lists of all the records.

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28th May 2010 Upgrade - Rights Management/Creative Commons

Creative Commons support addedOur latest upgrade includes rights management support. You can now set a default licence for your content and override the licence on any specific record and its images. The licences you can choose from include Creative Commons to promote sharing and re-use of content.

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22 March 2010 Update

Pick List enhancementsOver the past two months we've been busy with work on the NZMuseums website. We've also just completed improvements to the pick list fields within the cataloguing screens.

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11th February 2010

New cropping optionsThe latest eHive update has added new options for the square cropping of images. The default square cropping for portrait images has been changed to keep the top of the image and all images can now have custom cropping.


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17th December 2009 Update

Social BookmarkingA minor update was performed today, fixing some problems with bulk data imports and image derivative creation. We also added a social bookmarking button on key pages.

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28 October 2009 Update

Bee and flowerThere was a minor upgrade of eHive on 28th October 2009 which included:

- New Explore page to view the most interesting objects

- Behind the scenes changes for the upcoming NZMuseums widget

- Bug fixes in deleting and saving records

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15th September 2009 eHive Upgrade

15 Sept 2009 eHive update

This upgrade of eHive has been completed. There are major additions including new export options and a simplified page address structure.

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August 2009 Update

cogs in motion

The upcoming August update includes a major upgrade of eHive functionality, both behind the scenes and for eHive users.


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31 March 2009 Update

Search Alias ExampleA minor update to eHive was performed on 31 March 2009.

It included an enhancement to provide short aliases for fields when searching and included the final changes to make the payment screens live for account purchases and renewals.


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12 March 2009 Update

Update to eHive 12 March 2009It's been seven weeks since the last update to eHive and the team at Vernon Systems have been busy building lots of new things. The new release is a major update with lots of new fields in the create/edit screens, including acquisition, administration and conservation fields, and new account usage screens.

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New features added January 2009

Two minor updates to eHive were performed during January 2009. These included several fixes and enhancements.

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Coming in early 2009

The beta version of eHive is currently available. If you want to request a beta account now, write to us at

The eHive team is hard at work enhancing features and creating new ways to get the most out of eHive. There are several features that you will see on eHive in the coming months.

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The major focus for the development team over the last month has been the community functions of the system. With eHive, all content is stored in a giant database running on parallel servers. Individual account holders (e.g. a museum or private collector) can manage their collection in their own private area just like they would in a traditional package installed on their computer. However, having all of the information stored in one place makes it very easy for users to present new groups of information that cut across institutional or collection boundaries.

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Tag clouds

It's been relentlessly cloudy and wet weather here in Auckland over the winter, so it feels somehow appropriate that we've been working on tag cloud functions.

Tags are descriptive keywords and phrases that users can add to page to help others find content. For example, a painting might have been described as an oil on canvas by Picasso featuring a clock. Additional tags could be added for 'painting', 'Pablo Picasso' and 'Grandfather clock', all of which will help with finding the record in the future.

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eHive copyright disclaimer

It is the responsibility of the eHive Account Holder to gain copyright clearance for any images or content published on eHive. If you are concerned about the copyright status for any content in eHive or would like more information on using or ordering copies of content, please contact the Account Holder of that content. If you would like more information on our copyright policy, click here.

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