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H&R Arms: "The American" Double Action Revolver ; H & R Firearms; 1905-1942; 13067

H&R Arms:
H&R Arms: "The American" Double Action Revolver
Maker Role
Date Made
Medium and Materials
Plastics, indeterminate ferrous metal
Inscription and Marks
”.32 S & W.CTCF” stamped on the flute/
"H.&R. ARMS COMPANY WORCESTER, MASS, U.S.A." stamped on the flute /
"209034" stamped on the bottom of the handle
112mm x (height) x 160mm (width) x 35mm (depth)
Object number


20th Century
double action
H & R Firearms
spare parts
United States

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Ronald Dye30 May 2014 23:54 PM,UTC
Dad has one American Double Action stamped 480 and one .32 S&W CTGE stamped 456181. hHe wants to get rid of both of the guns.We don't know much they are worth and who to call or contact about it.If anybody knows how much these guns are worth you can contact me at
Ronald Dye30 May 2014 23:31 PM,UTC
My e-mail address is
Ronald Dye30 May 2014 23:28 PM,UTC
My dad has one that is taged at 480.He wants to get rid of it,but not sure how much it is worth.Not sure who to contact about the gun.Anybody has ideal who to call about it.Contact me at my e-mail address.
Nando Peraldo29 May 2014 21:47 PM,UTC
I have one of these pistols. It is chrome plated. The only printing on it is: The American and Double Action on top of chamber. The number 4670 stamped under the left grip. There is no H & R Identification on it anywhere. It is a 32 Cal with an octagon barrel. It came from my wife's grandparents. Does anyone have any info as to year of production?
Tom Simon05 Feb 2014 18:42 PM,UTC
Looking for info on a H&R Arms revolver, it has Young America Double Action stamped on top and the #607 under the grips. any info would be appreciated. Tom
Larry18 Aug 2013 00:25 AM,UTC
I recently received an H&R revolver from my father-in-law. The only marking on it anywhere are "THE AMERICAN DOUBLE ACTION" stamped on the top of the frame and the number 280 stamped under the grip on the left side. It is a .32cal 6 shot with a 2½" round barrel and doesn't seem to fit any of the information I have been able to find on H&Rs. Does anyone have any more on these?
Cody Goossens01 Mar 2013 14:24 PM,UTC
I recently aquired a .38 cal. Pistol... THE AMERICAN DOUBLE ACTION. And 562 are the only markings any where on it. I am currious as to when it was made becouse it was found inside of a wall during some home renivations
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